2023 Marketing Trend Predictions & What You Need to Know

By Jordan Nicholson

Happy New Year! A new year means new goals, new opportunities, and of course, new marketing trends. We don’t know what exactly this year will bring us but staying up to date with predictions can help us potentially get a glimpse of what is ahead.

We’ve gathered a few trusted articles including Social Media Marketing World, Forbes, and Social Media Today to gather their 2023 predictions.

Read as we break down what stood out for the upcoming year!

Short-form video is here to stay

Across the board, it looks like the short-form video we have adapted to over the last few years is here to stay. With Tik Tok and Instagram Reels and Facebook video being the main drivers of short-form video, LinkedIn is now looking at increasing video content on their platform as well.

The upside to short-form videos is that in most situations, you can use the same videos across the board. Filming Tik Toks to repurpose later as Instagram Reels (or vice versa) shows that if you play your strategy right, your videos can succeed among different platforms.

Even though I watch Tik Tok daily, it can be an intimidating platform to begin creating videos on. Social Media Examiner emphasizes that your videos don’t necessarily need to follow the trends. Make informational videos, tutorials, how-to’s, or any video that aligns with your brand or company service. This can apply to Instagram Reels as well if you’re not quite ready for the Tik Tok leap.

Platforms Want Authenticity

When it comes to short-form videos on its biggest platform, Tik Tok, it appears that the algorithm favors authentic, everyday content made by authentic creators. People are using Tik Tok for creativity and entertainment, but also to form genuine connections with one another. This same mindset might apply to Instagram as well as we enter 2023.

This is largely due to Gen Z and what appeases them as an audience. Gen Z has not been attracted by highly edited, targeted, and overly curated content in 2022 according to Social Media Examiner.

Forbes emphasizes that authentic video that doesn’t appear produced can be an advantage for brands because it doesn’t feel like a brand is targeting you. Efficient video creation over perfection can be an advantage in this case.

We will be seeing more Artificial Intelligence

According to all three sources I found, artificial intelligence will be implemented more in 2023. With AI tools on the rise, it will allow the tool to do most of the creative grunt work and let marketers use their time elsewhere. Social Media Examiner says those who will be using AI tools will have a strategic edge over those who do not.

As for the platforms themselves, Social Media Today says Facebook and Instagram will be pushing harder this year for AI-recommended content in your feed, which means more posts from brands or people that you do not follow. Both platforms are looking to perfect giving you content that is catered to you to make your experience more personalized and enjoyable, like how the Tik Tok algorithm has been able to do with their videos.

Keeping up with trend predictions can help put you ahead of the game, encourage you to try new things with your company or for your clients, and ultimately help you keep advancing and learning as a marketing professional.

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