Have you found yourself stuck in a content loop? You have a perfectly crafted plan from your mix of content buckets, but suddenly, all your content appears repetitive. We know what you mean! When that itch to try something new occurs, it can be hard to figure out just what to do to mix your content up. We felt this itch for one of our clients and realized we had a world of content to pull from that we simply weren’t using!

Suppose your business falls under the umbrella of a larger business or corporation, or you offer items from a larger company. In that case, social media and marketing assets might be available to you.

Why You Should Use Industry Partner Content

If you partner with a company that creates professional content you’re able to share, incorporate those into your social media content buckets. Here are our best reasons as to why industry partnership content is beneficial:

  1. This is free, already curated content! You only need to copy, paste, add something extra to make it relevant to your business, tag your industry partner, and you’re good to go. This will save you time on content creation and help you when struggling to fill your social media calendar.
  2. Professional content helps your credibility. Everybody wants to be an expert in their industry. If you fall under the umbrella of a bigger corporation or credible professional company, sharing their content helps establish your credibility as a brand partner. Their product knowledge and industry expertise allow you share the same expertise with your customers. Customers will begin to associate you as an expert, too!
  3. A Whole New Sector of Content. As we said earlier, this adds a new content bucket to your social media schedule and is a great way to mix up your existing content with something new and reliable. You can switch up the messaging to include your information and tidbits, but the groundwork is already there.
  4. Larger companies have larger marketing budgets. We’re absolutely not saying larger companies automatically have better marketing; we’re just saying they have capabilities we sometimes do not. It costs a lot for a professional video shoot, and smaller companies don’t always have the knowledge or resources to create small animation videos. That’s why we’re always excited to share partnership content incorporating those aspects!

Our Experience

Our first inclination to inspire more content ideas was to do a fresh competitor analysis for a client, heading to our local industry competitors and popping in to see what they were posting. We found that most local competitors were posting content of their own and a lot of content from their professional industry partnerships. We realized we were underutilizing our own industry partner’s content.

As an industry partner, we can access stock photos, videos, ad recommendations, logos, and even social media post photos and scripts! Our competitors utilized these assets in their monthly social media posts, but we had forgotten they were available to us. This is already crafted, professional content right from the source, so why aren’t we using it to our advantage, just like our local industry competitors? That was the no-brainer, slap-in-the-face question that has us incorporating these materials into our client’s monthly social calendar.

It helps us spend less time crafting content, as one post a week is already made for us! It shows we are serious about our partnership with this more prominent company, helps us spread knowledgeable content to our client’s customers, and helps associate our company with theirs. Most importantly, we’re excited about the content! They create fun, meaningful assets that adds value to our client’s social media pages.

If you’re in the same boat for yourself, get curious and try it out! See if there’s partnership material you’re missing out on as a new aspect of your social media strategy.

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