Feeding Pet of the Homeless®

Feeding Pets of the Homeless® is a national non-profit focused on feeding and providing emergency care to pets of homeless people. Headquartered in Carson City, Nevada, the small team of six manages a national network of donation sites – businesses that collect pet food and supply donations, volunteers, pet food provider sites – shelters, food banks, churches, etc, and veterinarians. They depend on grants, donations, and community partnerships across the nation to fulfill their mission.

Prior to IPSM coming on board, their small internal team handled all of their marketing efforts, minus their website, public relations, and annual report. Their messaging lacked consistency and effectiveness.

SERVICES:  Community and Media Relations, Website Management, Videography, Photography, Graphic Design, Campaign-Based Marketing, Email Marketing, Annual Report, Retreat Planning and Execution, Surveying.



IPSM was hired to take over all marketing and public relations for the organization to allow for the FPOTH’s small team of six to focus on the case management and partnerships that are vitally needed by the homeless population.

Our work supports and encourages partnerships with government agencies, local veterinarians and businesses, and homeless shelters across the country.

Website: Petsofthehomeless.org was a custom build by another agency prior to IPSM coming on board. Because of the custom coding, the client was struggling with even doing simple updates. We’ve managed updates to the site as needed, including building new landing pages that can be used for fundraising and public information campaigns.

Social media: In the past six months, IPSM has generated more than 351,734-page impressions, and 15,405 engagements for a 6.83% post engagement rate. FPOTH has also raised several thousand additional dollars in fundraisers on Facebook, several of which are user-generated. 

Crisis Communications: When the U.S. began shutting down due to a global pandemic, FPOTH made the extremely hard decision to shut down all volunteer operations across the nation. In order to inform all of the stakeholders, IPSM created a comprehensive Crisis Communications plan that included multiple communications with all stakeholders, including staff, board members, clients, volunteers, donation sites, pet food provider sites, veterinary partners, donors, media, and the general public. We created a FAQ page on the website, sent multiple emails to keep stakeholders updated, created, and sent press releases via national news wires, and launched social media posts. 

Email Marketing: FPOTH had a substantial email list of over 8,000 contacts that were receiving their monthly newsletter; however, the list growth had been stalled for quite some time. To increase newsletter sign ups, IPSM implemented a newsletter sign up pop-up on the home page of their website, and also started a sticker campaign to increase how much contact information new signups give to the organization in exchange for a branded sticker. In the first two months of implementation, the email subscription list has increased by 22%. FPOTH had to suspend the sticker campaign within the first two weeks because the response was so overwhelmingly positive. We are currently in the process of mailing out over 600 stickers with a “Welcome to the Family” letter and a donation envelope in hopes of increasing new donors. Additionally, through a combined social media and email marketing campaign, IPSM increased fundraising for FPOTH in 2020 by 44%.

Videos and photography: FPOTH was in need of a new video to showcase their organization. We shot 100s of photos and hours of video during a local health and wellness clinic for the homeless in Reno, NV in late January. We captured interviews with the FPOTH founder and president as well as a local veterinary partner and stories from those receiving services. The video has been shared on their website, social media, and email marketing campaigns.