Carson City Pediatric Dentistry

Our client, Carson City Pediatric Dentistry (CCPD), opened in Carson City, Nevada in 2011. They opened a second location, Dayton Pediatric Dentistry (DPD) in Dayton, Nevada in 2019.

CCPD and DPD provide a fear-free dental experience for kids, along with a fun and caring environment, to help children have a positive experience and promote lifelong dental health. They make visits quick and easy with friendly service. They offer preventative and restorative pediatric dental care, from the first exam to regular cleanings and emergency treatment.

SERVICES: Media and Public Relations, Social Media, and Special Events.



IPSM was hired in 2018 to help increase their local brand awareness, manage digital marketing, social campaigns, plan and strategize local and customer appreciation events, create print ads, and manage public relations and local sponsorships.

Local Reader’s Choice: CCPD won 1st place in pediatric dentistry in 2016 and 2017, but dropped to second place in 2018. We ran a digital campaign utilizing social media, social ads, and text messages to help CCPD secure the top spot in the 2019 Reader’s Choice awards. Not only did CCPD regain first place in the Best Pediatric Dentistry category, but also took home first place for the Best Dentist category. They secured both top spots again in 2020 and were nominated for a new and highly coveted category, Best Customer Service. We generated more than 49,000 impressions and 932 engagements.

Social media: In 2019, Pre-COVID, we generated more than 267,530-page impressions, 17,469 engagements. So far in 2020, we have generated 81,569-page impressions, 8,266 engagements. During the pandemic, our normal social and in-person activities have significantly changed, however, we still have our biggest engagement months coming in October and December.

Giveaway Campaigns: We ran three giveaway campaigns in 2019, one that ran for a month and two that ran for a week each. The month-long giveaway campaign resulted in an increase of 1213% increase in impressions and a 715% increase in engagement (compared to their average monthly results). Our one-week winter giveaway resulted in a 309% increase in impressions and a 321% increase in engagement. Our one-week holiday giveaway resulted in an increase of 372% in impressions and a 346% increase in engagement.

Annual Halloween Campaign: This resulted in an increase of 198% increase in impressions and a 264% increase in engagement, as well as an in-person live TV interview.

Community Relations: We help CCPD plan and prepare for their annual patient appreciation events. These events help foster deeper relationships with their patient families. This year due to COVID, we adjust their annual movie event and hosted a drive-through snow-cone event.

Google My Business: We manage CCPD’s Google My Business page and monitor patient reviews. In 2020, we were able to increase the average rating from 4.7 to 4.8. They have consistently ranked higher than their competitors as far as the number of reviews. Their goal this year was to increase the number of patient reviews by 35% (from 73 reviews to 100 reviews). We exceeded their expectation and they currently have 136 reviews, an increase of 86.3%. CCPD comes up on average 4,563 times a month, with 359 actions on their listing a month, and average calls 223 from Google searches.