Boys & Grils Club of Mason Valley

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley

For over 17 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley has been serving the youth of Lyon County. What started as a one-room clubhouse in Yerington is now a growing youth organization with over 2,000 members in the communities of Yerington, Dayton, Mineral County and Silver Springs.

SERVICES: Strategic Planning, Media and Public Relations, Graphics, Special Events, Photography, Videography

Boys & Grils Club of Mason Valley


With six sites devoted to caring for children and promoting family activities, BGCMV hosts monthly family nights and special events in each location, which generates a ton of graphics work. Our expert project manager Jessica directs traffic flow between clubs and artists for seamless, on-time delivery.

Because we believe in the power of the Boys & Girls Club to provide a safe, fun environment in which children thrive, IPSM works closely with BGCMV’s team to provide thought leadership, insight and consultative services to guide decision making and campaign planning for major fundraising events like the annual Youth-of-the-Year gala.